Before buying i produce a SOUND.

We are constantly encouraged to consume more and more because we are constantly invited by ads, sales, VIP offers… So, we are likely to buy because we simply want to, but we do not necessarily need the product we are purchasing. Hence many objects bought compulsively are thrown away and pollute, which contributes to the waste of natural resources (water, raw materials …).


By consuming thoughtlessly, we contribute to accelerate the process of global warming. We indeed buy new products, often because of fashion, whereas the old ones still work! Coming from all over the world, the transport of these purchases increases CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases. Less consumption = less production = less pollution. Moreover, overconsumption doesn’t bring happiness !



With a certain number of questions in mind, we can avoid buying some non-essential products in our everyday life and then reduce the pollution associated to them. To consume less, attention must be paid to the 4Rs: Reduce (your consumption), Repair (fix when possible), Reuse (give what can be reused) and Recycle (sort what you throw away properly) !

Let’s turn consumers into active players in enlightened consumption! 

the trick to take up the challenge

Sort your personal objects! Check those still working, those broken, those you can repair, those you don’t need any longer … Only keep what is essential and only buy what you really need, you will encourage a virtuous saving mode, that of circular economy.

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