Create a wild patch in your garden.

It’s been a few years now since green spaces have disappeared to favour urbanization… However, it’s very important to save areas where fauna and flora can develop, as they are essential to our survival. Even if large cities do not necessarily do it, we, as citizens, can green landscapes at home. Whether we are in a big city or a small flat, there is always a way to add green patches at home.

By going on mowing the lawn so it looks like a golf course, it leads to the extinction of many species: insects, plants, birds… Let nature come to you !







« Renaturing » our gardens, balconies, window sills etc, enables biodiversity not to disappear completely, despite human activities. For instance, do not mow the lawn everywhere and leave some uncut areas. Insects, small mammals and some amphibians will hide in there. Grass can host up to 160 species of plants when mowing is not regular.

the trick to take up the challenge

Insect hotels, ponds, feeders, nest boxes, troughs, flowery meadows, flower planters…: there are so many projects you can carry out outdoors. Some are very easy to implement and others are more complicated, some need space and others are very small ones. But one thing is certain: they are all useful for biodiversity ! The choice is yours about which project you would like to focus on !

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