Let’s all fall in love with the planet

Since the 1950’s and the early days of space conquest, more than 550 astronauts have been to space for various missions. The majority of them have experienced a phenomenon called “Overview Effect”. This effect, which is characterized by an intense love for the Earth along with a sense of well-being, moved them deeply and changed their lives. We can all feel this Overview Effect thanks to the Blueturn project.

Thinking that global issues are not linked between one another, that we can act separately on the economic growth and consumption regardless of the impacts on biodiversity and social relationships between human beings will not help to solve the growing threat of the upcoming century that is global warming. TEMP


Experiencing and feeling the Overview Effect is feeling in the deepest part of our being that our planet is beautiful, that it forms a single and entire whole which absolutely has to be preserved in its entirety : our survival is at stake.


Blueturn or the Whole Earth experience here Blueturn (English subtitles available)

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