Home perfumes « Landes pine» fragrance, « islands scents » softeners, toilet « lavender » deodorizer… The only problem is that this nice smell of lavender, like many other substances in household cleaning products, is known to be hazardous for the environment and harmful for health. Moreover, the majority of these products are derived from petroleum, a polluting resource also generating greenhouse gases.

In some instances, you directly ingest household products residues, which is the case with dishwasher tabs ! In Europe, 100,000 different chemical products may be part of the formulas of our household products. We only know the effects for 3,000 of them on the environment and on our health. Moreover, if you continue to buy household products from mass distribution, you support big companies making them and polluting the planet.


Feel free to use simple and non toxic products like baking soda, vinegar, lemon or essential oils to make your own DIY cleaning products. They will be efficient and non-polluting for the environment while being safe for your health. With homemade cleaning products, we avoid the use of a lot of plastic !


Do It Yourself ! The craze for homemade products has continued to grow for several years. You will find a variety of websites giving you recipes, tips and tricks to make your own products, from toothpaste to detergent or even disinfectant spray, deodorant or dishwashing liquid ! If you are not sure how to do it well, practical courses can be found everywhere. There is one near where you live, for sure !

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