Reconnect with nature.

There is a syndrome called “nature deficit disorder”. It is now quite common and often occurs among children. Observations can be taken as the starting point for this nature deficit disorder and they led to a hypothesis: When spending less time outdoors, children develop a wide range of behavioural problems, either physically or mentally (sleep disorder, lack of creativity, nervous breakdown…).

If you stay at home, cloistered and in front of your screens, your mental and physical health will decline, you will be less productive and more likely to suffer from stress.





If you go for a walk in a forest, along a water stream, through the countryside…, you will reconnect with nature while taking care of your health. There are other ways of being close to nature: practicing sports, doing some gardening, taking photos, doing meditation…

the trick to take up the challenge

Make your passions match together ! If you don’t feel motivated going out for a walk in a forest, then add a goal to it : for example, take photos of animals, plants, insects, landscapes… at the same time and share them with anyone you want.

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