Walk, cycle, take the public transport.

Each year, French people travel more than 800 billion kms by car… out of these, they drive 400 billion kms in town centers, 60 billion of which involving journeys of less than half a kilometer… Knowing that for each journey, a car uses 30 to 35 % more fuel on the first 2 kms, financially speaking, this is significant harm but where it matters the most is for the planet !

Every day, fine particles pollution produced by diesel engines causes 115 deaths in France. Moreover CO2 emissions contribute to global climate change.












By giving priority to the use of bicycles, by encouraging walking and public transport, you’ll be doing several good deeds like:

       Being physically active, which is good for your health.

       Helping improve the quality of the air you breathe.

       Relieving congestion in city centers and facilitating traffic flow.

       Saving money



the trick to take up the challenge

To limit car use, you can opt for walking or cycling if the distance to your destination is not too long. You can also opt for carpooling all or part of the week with a work colleague! For public transport, consider the work subscription !

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