Go green and extend your wardrobe without polluting.

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. This industry is indeed responsible for 20 % of wastewater and 10 % of carbon emissions at a global level. In order to avoid this, there are solutions I can come up with :

– First, I can rather select second-hand clothes. They are cheaper and they foster social relationships between people.

– Then, I can also choose ethical, sustainable clothing made from natural and organic fibers.

– Finally, I shouldn’t be tempted by fast fashion, with collections renewed several times a month.

Going on buying brand new clothes each season finances businesses associated with fashion. These businesses seriously pollute and have tremendous impacts on the planet as they use raw materials, exploit and pollute water resources and transport goods.



Having a preference for second-hand market, purchasing ethical clothing, buying good quality clothes lasting longer… These consumption acts encourage social interactions, save time and money. Less shopping and it makes a real difference helping the planet !


the trick to take up the challenge

Clothing sorting and recovery centers networks continue to increase in number. There must be one near where you live! You can also exchange the clothes you no longer wear or give them… Finally, when buying a new item, find out about its carbon footprint or the social practices of the company making it, with the app called Clear Fashion for instance.

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