I regulary clean my mailbox.

The advent of the digital age extends modern means of communication: videoconferences, online chats, the use of videos, photos, MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), social networks… and the exponential increase in sending emails! All of these data go through data centers containing hundreds of hard drives linked to networks based all around the world. These data centers need a lot of energy (for cooling the servers permanently) and they require raw materials (to be built and interconnected).

Every day, more than 250 billion emails are being exchanged, causing CO2 emissions for more than 3 million tons! Out of this volume of emails, 150 billions are left unread. And these figures do not take into account the 270 billions of spams we never receive in our inbox daily because they are filtered…


Our planet will appreciate digital sobriety about emails (by sending as less as possible, by emptying the Bin, by not sending large attachments, not always clicking on the “reply all” button…). Also, remember that the information exchanged could be drowned in the flood of emails and end up not being read ! 

The trick to take up the challenge

Software programs like CleanFox are available and they can help you sort your inbox: unread emails, unsubscription of newsletters, archiving emails, emptying the Bin… In addition, thanks to you, trees will be replanted in areas affected by drought and deforestation.

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