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Raise awareness, equip and above all give each of you a place of actor and thus allow each person who wishes to act in the perspective of a reasonable future for a sustainable well-being. So everything would be decided in advance? What can we do about the major environmental challenges we have to face? And then it is the States, the companies or the lobbies which must act first… It is suggested that you join those and those who do not resign themselves… as an individual… with your own life as a playground… Better eat / throw away less / make the air more breathable / fight against climate change / consume better / regain lost time… in short, be a more active citizen.

Who we are ?

1 supporting structure for the project: THE AVESNOIS REGIONAL NATURAL PARK.

A regional nature park is created on the initiative of the Regional Council within the framework of its competence of regional planning then classified by decree of the Prime Minister according to the quality of its territory and the interest. Its vocation is to protect and enhance the natural, cultural and human heritage of its territory by implementing an innovative policy of planning and economic, social and cultural development that respects the environment.

More than a territory, the Avesnois Regional Nature Park, like all natural parks, is a collective life project. Here, whether we are local elected officials, inhabitants, farmers, teachers, … we can imagine together a “different life”: a life which gives pride of place to respect for the environment, to improving our living environment, to the education of our children, the development of a local economy based on the preservation and enhancement of our natural and heritage resources, innovation, solidarity and cooperation …

2 associated partner structures: VERT & CO AND COCKTAIL GAME

Vert & Co is a 1901 law association whose objective is to encourage the inhabitants of Vercors to adopt gestures promoting ecological transition.

In 2019, Vert & Co will open L’Atelier, a third place open to residents, passing tourists, schools and businesses, where everyone can eat a plate (home cooking), have a drink (local drinks) and participate in (low-carbon) workshops to reflect and take concrete action against carbon emissions, responsible for climate change.


Dominique Clerc, editor of this blog and treasurer of Vert & Co, also maintains the site