How to play ?

Make your daily life a permanent game and transmit cool values!

How to start playing?

Have fun, get involved and above all make others want to join in the game!

Together, let’s implement the credo of the Regional Natural Parks of France:

“Another life is being invented here”.

It starts now thanks to you!


It’s a UPO (Unidentified Playful Object) which gives you the power to change the world !

How? ‘Or’ What ? Playing ! Play and discover gestures and tips to implement daily for the good of the planet! This is what the I [U] BEGIN TODAY TODAY edition of the Sneaky Cards offers you.

What is the purpose of GAME BEGIN TODAY?

It is a card game created to give you a place of actor to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR BETTER: Eat better, waste less, reduce waste production, protect nature and also discover and preserve biodiversity.

Be the starting point of a dynamic of change by the swarming of ideas and gestures in the service of our most precious asset: THE PLANET.

It is offered by this game, to generate fun and unique social interactions between your friends, your neighbors, the members of your family, your colleagues and why not also strangers. The rule is simple: alone or with friends, you have to give all your cards! For that, on each one, a mini daily challenge, always benevolent, to spread the pleasure to help the planet to get better! Once the challenge is completed, the card is transmitted and can be passed from hand to hand to amuse the whole world!

Who can play GAME BEGIN TODAY?

Designed to be simple and fun, the game is for everyone: anyone can take on a new challenge. But since the missions require either buying actions, sharing on social networks or interacting with people, we recommend it for those over 12 years old.

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