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Your mission: to become a secret agent to save the planet, in a good mood!

In these boxes of 36 cards is a unique experience, a sort of treasure hunt in YOUR daily life, which rewards ecological and solidarity actions while stimulating creativity, humor and rewards daring!

Complete each mission then pass the card to an unwitting accomplice, who will take up the challenge in turn!

An eco-responsible wave will invade the world, and it starts with YOU!


  • I am a middle school or high school student and my establishment is hosting a quiz conference: Yeh! I’m lucky and take this opportunity, a game will be given to me for free
  • I would like to participate in a quiz conference scheduled near my home:JE [U] BEGINNING TODAY “is a concept / game aimed at all inhabitants of the territory. To find out the dates of the next quiz conferences: quiz conferences

    I was given a card and I like the concept:
    I live in the territory of the Avesnois Regional Natural Park
    I carried out the mission
    I have drawn the map
    I gave the map to someone around me to do the mission in turn
    I created an account
    If I want to do the other missions without having to wait for the cards to arrive “by chance”, I order my game for free by sending a screenshot of my account to ( depending on your place of residence, we will inform you where to pick up your game closest to you).

If you do not live in the Parc de l’Avesnois area: send us a message to make your request known. If there are enough requests, a re-release of the game will be possible in the future.

Either way, your request is important!