Within 40 years, 60% of animal species have become extinct and Man is largely responsible for their extinction. Loss of habitats, of natural spaces, urbanization, soil and water pollution are at the root of the loss of biodiversity. We are currently in the middle of the six th mass extinction in the history of life, the most recent one dating back to the disappearance of dinosaurs…We are the last generation that can actually reverse this trend. The survival of mankind is at stake.

Natural environments contain particular wildlife called ecosystem. In this ecosystem, each of the species (fauna and flora) has a role to play and is at the right place. The extinction of one of the species inevitably causes an imbalance which may lead to the proliferation of certain species or the extinction of others, due to the rebound effect (food chain disruption).


We are always given examples of well-known, emblematic species such as polar bears, whales, orangutans, corals… to talk about the extinction of species. This extinction is not exclusive to these few species. Unfortunately, near where you live, there is undoubtedly an endangered species, like the hedgehog (see photo).

The trick for the challenge

Filling in this list and finding out about the causes which led to the extinction of this animal is understanding that our everyday actions (consumption, travels, urbanization…) have an indirect but no less real impact on biodiversity.

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